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Effects of Ice, Snow, Cold on a Landscape

Published Date: November 30, 2015

How much damage cold weather does to landscape plants?

Last year's cold weather and ice caught a lot of people unaware. It seemed to appear suddenly and stay for a l-o-n-g time. The best action you can take is to have a PLAN! If you plan ahead, you will not have to worry about liability and/or damage.

It is possible to cover landscape materials/plants in sub freezing weather, but in large quantities, it is not always possible. Freeze damage can appear for up to 9-12 months (!) following the freeze. This vascular damage really shows up in the heat and stress of the summer. Freeze cloth is a good material for pots and small areas. Heaters are sometimes utilized in courtyards and amenity areas for delicate materials as well. Not always practical though!

Plant of the Month: Cyclamen

A common winter flower used in the landscape is the Cyclamen. It is NOT very winter hardy so must be covered in sub freezing temperatures. It can do quite well throughout the winter except for those low temp nights. You can cover lightly with freeze cloth. It is best planted in somewhat protected areas near homes or buildings but is very colorful (reds, pinks, white, fuschia) in shade or sun.

Landscape Tips for the Winter

    Continue to check irrigation on a monthly basis. Do you have your freeze stat installed????
    Cut back perennials after a second freeze. You can mulch over for extra protection.
    Add mulch to any bare areas.
    Put your FREEZE PLAN in effect.
    Shop and purchase garden gifts for the favorite gardener on your list!

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