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Crime Watch Tips

Know which way your street runs. If you have to call the Police, you can tell them which way the person was running.

Look out of your window every so often to keep an eye out for any strange activities, or people that look suspicious.

If you are out walking, always pay attention to your surroundings.

Keep a porch light or an outside security light on at night. It may be easier to put these lights on a timer so you don't have to remember to turn them on each night.

Make sure you lock your vehicle every night and do not leave anything in it. If you do need to leave items in your vehicle, the trunk is the best place.

Keep all windows locked even when you are home.

Also, keep your garage door closed even when you are home. Keeping it open makes it an open invitation for criminals to ride by and look inside to see what could be worth stealing.

Installing a good dead bolt lock on your front and back door will go a long way in keeping criminals from breaking in.

Outside surveillance options and motion detection lights are a wonderful investment in keeping you and your property safe. It might even lower your house insurance depending on your insurance carrier.

If you go out walking for exercise, or just to get fresh air, it is always better to walk with someone else. Also, it is a good idea to have a walking stick in case a stray dog should come up to you.

If anyone follows you, look confident and let him or her know you are aware of their presence. Don't be polite or engage in conversation.

Keep bicycles locked any time they are unattended with a good "U" lock. A second choice would be a good case hardened padlock and cable. Be sure the "U" lock or cable goes through the front wheel, rear wheel and the frame, and then secure it to a fixed object.

This website offers safety tips and products: www.nnwi.org

Important Numbers!

Oak Point Police 972-294-0000
(Non-Emergency #) 972-349-1600
Spectrum Association Management 972-992-3444
Cross Oak Elementary 972-347-7100
Navo Middle School 972-347-7500
Denton High School 940-369-2000
Ryan High School 940-369-3000
Oak Point Fire Department 214-975-0420

Important Web Site:


If you are a homeowner you will need to go to the above website and register so that you can receive any important information from the HOA.

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