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Safety Tips

When you fill these out, only check YES if you have it in place already,not if you are planning on doing it, because following these few rules could verywell save your life someday.

1 Is your house number visible from the street? --- ---
2 Do you know your neighbors including all occupants of their house? --- ---
3 Have you talked to your neighbors about mutual neighborhood security? --- ---
4 Do you leave your front and back porch light on at night whether you are at home or not? --- ---
5 Do you ever leave your keys for a repair man to come in? --- ---
6 Do you have a wide-angle viewer installed in your front and back doors? --- ---
7 Do all your outside doors have a deadbolt lock? --- ---
8 Does your garage door have a lock and do you lock it? --- ---
9 Do you lock your garage at night or when you are out? --- ---
10 Do you keep all your Windows locked whether your home or not? --- ---
1 Do you know the phone number of the local police? --- ---
2 Do you know the local fire department number? --- ---
3 Do you stop newspapers, mail or other deliveries when you’re going out of town? --- ---
4 Do you have a list of all your credit cards numbers to cancel them if they get stolen? --- ---
5 Do you have a working flashlight by your doors and bed? --- ---
6 Do you ask your neighbors to watch your house if you’re gone overnight? --- ---
7 Do you have automatic timers on a few of the inside lights of your house? --- ---
1 Do you have at least four working smoke detectors per floor in your house? --- ---
2 Do you test your smoked detectors regularly? --- ---
3 Do all family members practice fire drills at home? --- ---
4 Do all family members know how to stop drop and roll? --- ---
5 Are all matches and lighters safely away from small children? --- ---
6 Do all fireplaces have metal screens? --- ---
7 Are your chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year? --- ---
8 Do you have at least one fire extinguisher in the garage and in your kitchen? --- ---
9 Do you check all your electrical cords for worn or frayed parts? --- ---
10 Do you clean your dryer exhaust vent out regularly? --- ---

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Cross Oak Ranch HOA - Safety Tips Fire Classifications

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