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Cross Oak Ranch HOA

About Your Yard...

Spectrum periodically drives by every home in Cross Oak Ranch and inspects, from the front of the house, conformance to the Rules, Regulations and Covenants that was agreed to when your house was purchased. The home owner has the responsibility to be in compliance whether residing in or renting the home.

Why can Spectrum not just clean up the yards and send the bill to the owners? There are federal guidelines that specify a schedule that we must follow that requires a 30 day notice before a fine can be imposed. The Privacy Act also does not allow Spectrum to discuss the details of anyone's personal situation.. If you are experiencing a severe situation that encourages an unhealthy environment you should call the Denton County Health Department and ask for help. If you do not receive attention, do not stop; call the County Administration and request help in obtaining the responsiveness that you need in order to make sure your community is safe.

Again, Spectrum is maximizing its efforts to have everyone comply with the "rules" and will continue to do so. Please help us by setting an example for your street and neighborhood.