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A Great Place To Live

Cross Oak Ranch HOA - Entrance

Spectrum Association Management is pleased to be working with the homeowners, developer and builders to make Cross Oak Ranch an even better, more attractive place to live and play.   

What can you do to help?

  • Pay dues and encourage others to do the same so we can continue to take care of the operational costs and to plan improvements that directly and positively affect the Community.
  • Call the Oak Point Police Department for criminal behavior (972) 294-0000.  They are in a much better position to address the problem and have a more immediate impact than Spectrum.
  • Email or call Spectrum if you have questions or concerns about the interpretation of the rules or covenant at contact@spectrumam.com, or 972-992-3444.
  • If you want to report a violation in your neighborhood, if possible, take a picture and email it to contact@spectrumam.com so that Spectrum can have documentation of the incident or situation (i.e. tall grass, unkept yards, semi-trucks, fences down, any unapproved for sale signs and any for rent signs, etc.).  Any information you provide will assist Spectrum is correcting the problem.  All reports will be kept confidential.
  • Please take your trash cans out to the street on Thursday night for pick up on Friday and return them Friday night to their respective storage place.
  • To ensure that you obtain accurate and timely information about the Community, please check this website or call Spectrum. 
  • Help promote the Community by working with the builders to attract new visitors and prospective new residents.  As the population of the Cross Oak Ranch Community grows, 1) costs decrease per resident to keep up the operations of the Community; 2) more features can be added to improve entertainment and activities, and 3) the sooner the school district needs additional facilities.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement as they help keep the Community safe and your property protected.   Vandalism costs the Community more than just the replacement value of the equipment.  Report vandalism immediately.

"Progress is almost always a result of a partnership of two or more parties committed to a cause."